The MONSTER got a name…and consequently a STORY!

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February 18, 2013 by markusbuessecker

The woman lay on the ground. Her eyes stared into nothingness, her face a mask of pure horror. She was dead.

The inspector stood up and looked at the three people standing a bit further back. Then he noticed two sparks of yellow that lightened up in a dark corner of the barn. His fingers itched to grab his gun. Then he relaxed as a cat walked out of the shades.

„And who is that pussy?“, the inspector asked in a mocking tone.

He could not help but to smile.

„That´s Dogkiller“, said a man.

„Oh nonsense, it´s clearly Behemoth“, piped a woman in.

„Shut up you two fools. Everybody knows it´s Damien“, bellowed the second woman.

The inspectors smile froze.



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